As part of Randstad's marketing team, this is by far the biggest and definitely the most fulfilling project I have been a part of. 



Understanding the Goal

The marketing team's goal is to create a tool that drives quality leads down the funnel. The idea is to create a tool where the user can see and compare salaries on different states and cities.


Establishing the Routes

Residing solely on the creative side of the process, I always intend to understand the steps and other responsibilities that relates to this project. This will allow us to fill-in some blanks that co-relates to design like building a progressive form for a returning user experience, managing the database, all the tracking that the analytics team are planning, and everything in between.




Bleeding Knowledge

In today's age, being a subject matter in an expertise is what everyone wants to have in their team. However, knowing skills outside of your expertise can be an X-factor, and will be very valuable for any team. I always ask myself, how can I make the team's job easier? In this project, I managed to learn how the database works, what contact properties are needed to be setup by the SME and how the backend programming is built.


Building the MVP

After a decent amount of testing and reiteration, and applying executive-level decision changes, we're able to come up with a minimum viable product that is made to be updated annually with new features, updated quarterly with the most-recent data, and updated frequently with minor technical issues.




Growth-driven plans

Once the page has been finalized prior to launch, knowing what the KPIs are will help creating a growth driven plans on making updates and eliminating dependencies so anyone from the team can work on the updates based on a process.


Data-Driven Updates and Refinement

For the past couple of years, as the main SME of this tool, we we're able to add new features like print or share current result, added a new set of data for each result and show a unique query string for all combination.


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